Semester Alliance: Key messages for 2014 CSRs


Social and Sustainable Macroeconomic Policies

Promote Macroeconomic policies that support social, equality and environmental goals

  • Implement an ex-ante social/equality/environmental impact assessment and
  • A comprehensive strategy that ensures that economic objectives deliver on social, equality and environmental targets.

Invest in inclusive and sustainable growth

  • Invest in affordable housing, energy-saving priorities and social/health infrastructure to ensure positive results on multiple Europe 2020 goals: creating new jobs, investing in people, preventing poverty and tackling climate change.

Promote inclusive and sustainable tax

  • Ensure tax policy contributes to long-term social and environmental objectives.
  • Embed ex-ante impact assessments to guard against unfair distribution, promoting a tax justice model.

Fighting poverty and social inclusion

Increase the ambition of targets and a strategic approach

  • MS should set ambitious national targets, draw on all 3 indicators, broken down by key factors (gender/age, ethnicity)
  • Each MS should develop a comprehensive diagnosis of causes/trends as basis for integrated antipoverty strategy
  • Develop sub-targets and thematic strategies for key priorities/groups: tackling homelessness, investing in children, Roma inclusion and across themes.

Ensure affordable access to quality services – particularly Housing, addressing homelessness, health and long-term care.

  • Require measures to increase affordable access to housing: social housing, rent-regulation, tax reform, as well as diversification and re-balancing of housing tenures.
  • Increase investment in affordable quality health and long-term care, as well as ensuring equal access including promoting action to counter discrimination eg Roma/undocumented migrants

Strengthen social investment and universal social protection systems

  • Give priority to investment in integrated social protection across the life cycle, guaranteeing adequate minimum income, unemployment benefits and pensions with EU-wide benchmarks.
  • Ensure proposals to reduce social security contributions must not negative impact on sustainable financing of SP

Investing in children and youth, combined with integrated strategies for all, at-risk groups.

  • Encourage implementation of integrated strategies to invest in children (and their families), in line with the Commission’s Recommendation.
  • Implement the Youth Guarantee through quality integrated programmes and promote Youth Inclusion, beyond employment
  • Ensure that an integrated approach to social inclusion and poverty reduction across the life-cycle is promoted for all key target groups.

Quality Employment

Create sustainable, quality employment across the life cycle.

  • Invest in quality green and social jobs
  • Concrete measures to reduce in-work poverty and gender pay gap: increasing minimum wages, supporting living wages and work-life balance, defending employment protection and social rights.

Personalized, integrated Active Inclusion not Activation alone

  • Explicit promotion of integrated Active Inclusion (income support, inclusive labour market and access to quality services), based on personalized integrated support.
  • Access to affordable childcare/ECEC to support women into work.
  • Support to active ageing to enable older people to move/stay in jobs with age-friendly LM.

Promoting Inclusive Education

Support Comprehensive Education + LLL

  • Universal access to quality, comprehensive education and measures to tackle segregation to key groups.
  • Develop lifelong learning and support , on-the job training and lifecycle management for older people.

Social Investment in early childhood/and ESL

  • Invest in quality ECEC with quality assurance standards
  • Promote an integrated approach to ESL: prevention, intervention and compensation measures and individualized alternative ‘2nd chance’ partnerships.

Vocational Training responding to the labour market and individual needs.

  • Better match VET to respond to labour market needs, adapted to individual needs/skills
  • Ensure that broader educational values are enhanced beyond labour market needs.

Promoting Gender/Equality

  • Reduce the gender pay gap, with a national strategy to eliminate wage discrimination and gender segregation in education and work.
  • Close the gender pension’s gap, promoting work-life balance, shared parenting, reforms of social security/tax systems to promote individual rights
  • Ensure a compensation mechanisms in pension schemes for time spent caring for children/dependents
  • Specific Measures to counter multiple discrimination against Migrant Women – reinforcing employment and social protection rights/independent status.

Investing in resource efficiency and tackling climate change

  • Reduce tax exemptions and environmentally harmful subsidies on fossil fuels, differentiating car tax according to energy/efficiency
  • Invest in decentralised energy production, renewable fuels and increased energy efficiency
  • Ensure climate change objectives have clear guiding principles, measure targets/indicators, timelines and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Carry out ex-ante social/gender impact assessment to ensure burden does not fall on the poor, excluded and women.

Click here to open the Semester Alliance key messages on Country-Specific Recommendations as a pdf.

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