2014 European Semester: Commission has published the Country-Specific Recommendations

The European Commission’s proposals on Country-specific Recommendations were out this Monday 02/06/2014. The overall message is that economic progress is being made. With growth returning and public finances improving, arguing that the medicine of austerity has worked. However, there is a recognition of the big challenges of unemployment, and rising poverty and social exclusion, affecting nearly 1 in 4 of the EU population, with fairness consideration coming to the fore. The key criteria are the AGS priorities, and the previous CSRs – but there is little consistent reference to the Europe 2020 targets, including climate/resource efficiency.

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Semester Alliance presents its initial assessment of the Semester for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive EU

2014-Joint-Alliance-CSR-report-coverThe EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester (Semester Alliance) presented its initial assessment of the Semester: Proposals for 2014 Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs): Progressing on a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive EU, proposing country-specific recommendations in country fiches, at its launch at the EESC on 07 April 2014. This draws on the work of Alliance partners’ national members, who are attempting to engage in the Semester, particularly through the National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) at national level, and represents initial attempts to assess macroeconomic, social, environmental and equality policies being delivered through the Semester and to present combined proposals for CSRs that could help achieve progress towards the social, equality and environmental goals and targets of Europe 2020. Continue Reading

New EU Alliance calls for a Social and Sustainable Europe

 cropped-blog-stripe-3.pngPress release – Brussels, 07 April 2014 – The new EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester, a broad coalition bringing together environmental, social and equality NGOs and trade unions, holds its launch in the EESC. Highlighting the failure of the Europe 2020 Strategy commitments and official targets in the social, environmental, employment and equality fields, the Alliance members come together to call for progress on the Europe 2020 Strategy’s commitments and for reviving the involvement of civil-society organisations and trade unions in the shaping of European policies. Continue Reading

NGOs and trade unions launch the Semester Alliance

programme-photo-logosThis 07 April, the EU Alliance for a more democratic, social and sustainable European Semester kick starts in a hearing in the European Economic and Social Committee. The public hearing, Strengthening the legitimacy of the European Semester, will present the Semester Alliance, which gathers 16 European networks of civil-society organisations and trade unions, and their new report “Civil-Society Proposals for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth“. This is a public hearing targeting EU decision makers and stakeholders, but open to everyone.#semesteralliance #csr2020

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