EU Semester Alliance holds 2nd dialogue meeting with DG ECFIN

On 8th January 2016, the EU Semester Alliance held a 2nd stakeholder dialogue meeting with key representatives from the EU institutions: Roy Dickinson, Adviser to the Director on Policy, strategy and co-ordination, DG Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN, European Commission). The exchange with ECFIN focussed on 3 key issues: What could be done by the EU to ensure that quality civil society engagement was promoted at all stages in the European Semester; a first discussion on the Annual Growth Survey 2016, and how progress could be made on a more social and sustainable EU.

The meeting was hosted by Eurochild. It was well-attended, and operating under Chattam House rules, the format enabled a direct exchange of information and views between the Alliance members and DG ECFIN on the opportunities and threats posed by new EU initiatives. The aim of the dialogue sessions is to start a regular dialogue between representatives of the 16 member organizations of the Alliance (see below) and key officials in the EU institutions on key concerns related to the European Semester.

During the course of the discussion with the representative from ECFIN, the Alliance presented its position paper on the AGS 2016 and position on the Country-specific Recommendations 2015: Delivery Gap remains on a democratic, social and sustainable Europe. A strong priority in the discussion was on how to strengthen civil society involvement in the Semester, particularly through the development of EU guidelines on quality engagement and through pro-active support from the European Semester Officers to national engagement.

For more information, contact Sian Jones on

See agenda of the meeting here below.


Meeting of Semester Alliance
8 January 2016 – 10:00-12.30

Venue: Eurochild Offices, Avenue des Arts 1-2 (Directions here)

10.00-11.00 Roundtable discussion with invited guest

Guest: Roy Dickinson, Adviser to the Director on Policy, strategy and co-ordination, DG Economic and Financial Affairs

Welcome: Réka Tunyogi, Eurochild

Chair: Sian Jones, EAPN

Introduction to the Semester Alliance and to the agenda.

  • Tour de Table
  • Debate questions
  1. How will the priorities in the 2016 Annual Growth Survey and the proposals from the 5 Presidencies Report contribute to progress on a more social and sustainable approach?
  2. What are the most significant changes in the Semester process since 2015, and how do they impact on stakeholder engagement? What advice would you give to improve the effectiveness of our engagement & the engagement of our members at national level?
  3. What can DG ECFIN do to promote a more social and sustainable EU through the Semester, and how could we cooperate?

Coffee break

11.15 – 12.30 Internal meeting of the Semester Alliance

Chair: Réka Tunyogi, Eurochild

  1. Adoption of the Minutes of 2nd Semester Alliance meeting (27 November, GBE offices)
  2. Short de-brief and lessons learned of morning session & 27 November session with Michele Calandrino and Muriel Rabau
  3. Semester Alliance EP event
  4. Capacity building meeting, involving national alliances
  5. Follow-up on funding: update from the Ad-Hoc Coordination Group and proposals
  6. AOB
  7. Next meeting

12.30-13.30 Bread tasting provided by the Bread is Beautiful enterprise

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