Delivery gap remains on a democratic, social and sustainable Europe


On 18 December 2015, the Semester Alliance sent a letter to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker highlighting its analysis of the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey 2016 (2 pages). The analysis drew on the Semester Alliance joint assessment of the 2015 Country-specific Recommendations, based on a ‘traffic lights’ approach,  and sent the key message that the ‘Delivery Gap remains for a democratic, social and sustainable EU (4 pages).

Addressing President Juncker,

It is crucial that the EU fully  implements its legal obligations – as enshrined in the Treaties and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights – to ensure people’s right to live in dignity. The pressure on public budgets through the European Semester is increasing the risk of human rights violations for many population groups. Refocusing the Semester through a limited number of CSRs to only cover key priority issues is detrimental to the development of policies that will address the persistent social inequalities within and among Member States.

We are however encouraged by the overall support of the European Commission, as well as of the European Council and the European Parliament and your personal commitment to strengthening civil dialogue and promoting inclusive and sustainable growth. Consequently, we look forward to continued dialogue in 2016.”

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