EU Semester Alliance holds dialogue meeting with Commission and Council

On 27 November 2015, the EU Semester Alliance held its first stakeholder dialogue meeting with key representatives from the European Commission and the Council of Ministers engaged in the Semester process. This first roundtable exchange discussed the latest developments and changes in the 2016 European Semester, in the light of the 5 Presidents Report, including a first reaction to the new Annual Growth Survey based on the Alliance’s joint letter to President Juncker,  set within the broader context of how to progress on a more democratic, social and sustainable Europe.

The aim was to start a regular dialogue between representatives of the 16 member organizations of the Alliance (see below) and key officials in the EU institutions on key concerns related to the European Semester.

A key concern for the Alliance is how to increase the opportunities for civil society and trade unions to engage with and influence the Semester, at national and EU levels.   The meeting was well-attended and warmly welcomed by all participants. Operating under Chattam House rules, the format enabled a direct exchange of information and views between the Alliance members and the Institutions on, the opportunities and threats posed by new EU initiatives, and discussion on  what more could be done to  make progress. The Alliance intends to continue the model of exchange with other key representatives in 2016.

This first roundtable meeting was hosted by Green Budget Europe.

The EU representatives were Michele Calandrino, Policy Officer from Directorate D, Policy Coordination 1: Europe 2020, European Semester and Economic Governance, in  DG Secretariat General  and Muriel Rabau, SPC member for Belgium and Vice Chair of the SPC Bureau.

For more information, contact Sian Jones on

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