Eurodiaconia publishes its analysis of the 2015 European Semester cycle


Eurodiaconia publishes its analysis of the 2015 European Semester cycle, offering a critical assessment of positive and negative trends on the basis of national members’ observations.

Drawing on input from members from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania, the report evaluates the social dimension of Semester cornerstones such as the Annual Growth Survey, National Reform Programmes and Country-Specific Recommendations.

Members’ perceptions of the European Semester have changed since its introduction in 2010. The main observation of the report is that the European Semester still lacks a strong social dimension and is drifting away from the original Europe2020 Strategy, that economic and social priorities should be better harmonised, and that the democratic legitimacy of the process is undermined through the limited involvement of national parliaments, social partners and civil society.

Using concrete examples, the report compares member experiences in various EU Member States, and formulates key recommendations on governance and content for the current and next Semester cycles.

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