Semester Alliance calls on EU to ‘bring back Europe 2020” in EESC conference on the 6 July

The EESC Steering Committee on Europe 2020 organized a timely conference on reshaping Europe 2020, to underpin the EU’s future strategy for a more inclusive and sustainable recovery to the crisis. Mary Collins, EWL, spoke on behalf of the Semester Alliance, highlighting its recent actions to support engagement by civil society in the Semester, including 3 successful cross-sectoral pilot alliances in Denmark, Bulgaria and Ireland. Ms Collins also presented the Alliance’s assessment of the European Semester, including the country-specific recommendations 2015,  underlining concern about the disappearance of Europe 2020 from EU narrative.

The Semester has become a tool in itself with only economic governance objectives dominant, disconnected from inclusive and sustainable growth, and delivery on the social, environmental targets and equality goals”. Her call: ‘’Europe 2020: Let’s bring it back’, was strongly welcomed by the EESC in the summing up of Stefano Palmieri, President of the EESC Europe 2020 Steering Committee. He also confirmed the need to “embed in the Semester, the involvement of economic  and social actors, with representatives of organized civil society at national and European level, in a way that allowed for a systematic feedback from the stakeholders. An adequate, transparent system of social impact assessment of all policies was also crucial’.

Key speakers included : Maria João Rodrigues, Member of the European Parliament, S&D Group Vice-Chair in charge of Economic and Social Policies; Andrea Saltelli, European Centre for Governance in Complexity; Wolfgang Kowalsky, Senior Political Advisor, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC); László Andor, Former EU Commissioner, Mercator Senior Fellow at the Hertie School of Governance. 

See programme here

See full report of the conference here

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