EAPN releases its full assessment of the European Commission’s Country-Specific Recommendations 2015


10/06/2015 – On May 15 the Commission adopted their proposals for Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs). EAPN responded with an immediate Press Release calling on Commission to issue poverty recommendations not only in 6 but in all Member States. This paper sets out the main messages and main recommendations from a more detailed assessment of the CSRs, as regards their delivery on the Europe 2020 Strategy targets on poverty reduction, employment and education. A detailed country by country analysis is annexed.



1)    Rebalance the Semester, with Europe 2020 vision of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and targets at heart.

2)    Move from austerity to social investment, backing quality social protection and services, with inclusive taxation.

3)    Give CSRs on poverty to all Member States, and require integrated anti-poverty strategies drawing on 20% of ESF.

4)    Invest in quality job creation, supporting positive activation within active inclusion.


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Open the country-by-country detailed annex here.