ETUC – Annual Growth Survey 2015: Europe must have a new start

22/10/2014- The ETUC’s priorities for the 2015 Annual Growth Survey

Since the publication of the first Annual Growth Survey (AGS) in January 2011, the EU has essentially pursued a coordinated policy of fiscal austerity, and wage and social deregulation. The ETUC has systematically called on European policy-makers to change course, warning against the negative effects of such policies. It has also warned of the contradictory nature of the Commission’s European Semester policy recommendations and that the focus on austerity, even if couched as ‘growth-friendly fiscal consolidation’, would hamper Europe’s economic recovery and predominate over social priorities. This focus on austerity also hampers the EU’s transition towards a greener economy.

Read more on the ETUC website.

Read the ETUC’s priorities for the 2015 AGS.

see also Background analysis on the CSRs in the social field prepared by the ETUI.

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