Semester Alliance – new Report out! : Let’s make the European Semester: Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive


This EU Alliance report on the European Semester 2014 presents the assessment by the members of the ‘EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester’ on the content and process of the European Semester in 2014, in the context of the Mid-Term Review of Europe 2020 and its governance processes. It has been written on the basis of consultation processes with the members of the Alliance at European and national levels, including through work with three pilot national Alliances in Bulgaria, Denmark and Ireland.

The report makes 6 key recommendations:

  1. Political reconfirmation of a European Semester following the philosophy and targets of the balanced EU 2020 Agenda towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
  2. A European Semester with a clear focus on the targets and on delivering ‘Social Investment’, ‘More and Better Jobs’, ‘Environmentally Sustainable Development’, and ‘Gender Equality’
  3. Much greater coherence and transparency in the delivery of country specific recommendations following the philosophy of the balanced EU 2020 Agenda
  4. EU Guidelines to ensure debate in parliaments and meaningful structured dialogue with all relevant stakeholders at national and EU level
  5. Ex-ante social and environmental/climate impact assessments of policy proposals supported by more detailed and up-to-date social and environmental indicators
  6. Improved links between the European Semester and European Funds, particularly the Structural and Investment Funds

The report has been submitted to the EU consultation on the Mid-Term Review of Europe 2020.

Read the full report here.